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Oracle Cloud, why is it better than the most cloud networks?

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The Oracle cloud differs from any other Cloud, in that sense, it is a complete and integrated set of applications, platform services and infrastructure engineered to run any Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

Oracle has created a cloud fabric with no single point of failure. Improved SMAS and enterprise-grade infrastructure for vastly improved performance and security compared to alternative cloud providers. Combine that with the lowest cost of deployment and it makes the Oracle cloud a truly compelling choice of platform. What makes Oracle’s cloud offering unique is that it lets you use exactly the same technologies and standards in the cloud as you use on-premise. Meaning both environments can be seamlessly integrated and managed as a hybrid cloud platform. The result, organizations from startups to global corporations can simplify their use of IT reduce costs and become more agile in their day-to-day operations.

The Oracle cloud offers many benefits, but for most businesses, the two key drivers are very simple agility and cost. With Oracle’s cloud, organizations of all shapes and sizes can access the full stack of Oracle’s technology giving you software and hardware services that can be scaled up and down and enabled or disabled easily to match your operational demands. This can be achieved by harnessing unique cloud economics. You can use the Oracle cloud to eliminate common project bottlenecks that can come from infrastructure provisioning optimization and support.

Couple this with reducing or even removing licensing costs and compliance issues means that your organization gets results faster. You’re simply more agile and able to deliver than you are on premise. With this greater agility also comes a fleet of obvious and some not so obvious cost.

Savings from its pay-as-you-go model and savings on data center operations support and licensing costs to larger cost saving like avoiding future capital outlay add in the cost savings from increased productivity and faster results. You have a business case that powerfully justifies your investment in Oracle cloud deployments and as more and more organizations made to cloud services they’re confronted with the costs and risks associated with technology sprawl. However, Oracle solves this conflict they’re simply consolidating your various vendor services under a single cloud solution which will save you money and also improve your infrastructure’s performance and resilience.

Remember there is no better cloud technically or commercially to run Oracle workloads than in the Oracle cloud.

Our comprehensive portfolio of your services means you can be more productive than ever before. Removing restrictions and giving you more choice and flexibility. Thus, testing, development and UAT environments can be rapidly provisioned in line with build and testing standards.

service offerings take you one step further with migration implementation and support all from an award-winning Oracle partner Kula cloud services team on audible 1 3 2 8 double nine four seven to discuss

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