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Oracle FAH : CFO’s consolidated financial dashboard

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Great decisions are all about timing. This, in turn, depends on prompt availability of information. These decisions can impact the financial well-being of an organization hence the importance of them being correct cannot be undermined.

A Chief Financial Officer or head- finance and accounts would be served very well if he could glance through a dashboard to monitor vital financial and business health parameters. If he can drill-down, slice and dice this data to view multiple dimensions of this information and analyse it to arrive at well-informed decisions, his company would not only be safeguarded from financial and compliance risks, but it would also enable him to ensure that the top line and eventually the bottom line in his P&L looks healthy.

A consolidated financial dashboard – A CFO’s dream?

Wouldn’t it be great if a CFO could see a consolidated financial dashboard that gives him a view of the budget consumption across departments or consumption patterns across the group if he is heading a conglomerate. This enables the CFO to spend less time to fetch information and more time on analysing data, correcting course and enhancing the organization’s financial health.

There are no two ways about the fact that such a financial dashboard with real-time reports and analytics capabilities will be highly desired by CFOs. If you are one such CFO or head of finance and accounts, Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub (Oracle FAH) is the solution you are looking for.

Is it worth the investment?

Strategically, it saves time for the CFOs and heads of finance and accounts. It also saves the operational efforts that IT teams put in to integrate disparate but relevant applications and provide a holistic view of the financial health of the organization to the right decision makers. From a features standpoint, it can help as follows:

Consolidated View: It gives a consolidated view of the health of the business,the spends across departments and group entities and enables key decision makers to comprehend the levers which would need more attention in order to meet strategic objectives.

Real-Time Reports: The critical reports and parameters which need regular and periodic analysis can be generated by the Oracle FAH and can seamlessly render on desktops, laptops and mobile apps. This enables decision makers to remain abreast of the vital health parameters of the business 24*7 and initiate and execute corrective action if required.

Analysis of the business: By slicing and dicing the data, drilling it down and viewing it across multiple dimensions, critical decision makers such as CFOs are better equipped to take an informed decision. This, in turn, enhances the probability of ensuring robust financial health of the organization

The return on investment on Oracle FAH is ensuring acceleration in decision making process and providing CFOs that little bit of extra time to take a well-informed strategic decision. The value that this “time” adds to the bottom line is sometimes the difference between a highly profitable company and a debt-laden sick company.

We have been a preferred partner for companies which had embraced Oracle FAH to realize the afore-mentioned benefits. If you want to go that path and help your financial decision makers to succeed, we are just an email away at



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