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Oracle Journeys: Redefining HR. Redefining Employee Experience

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Oracle recently announced a new platform – Oracle Journeys – to deliver a more personalized, streamlined, and intuitive employee experience within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle Journeys and its new capabilities enable HR teams in organizations to create, personalize, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through personal as well as professional events such as onboarding, childbirth, returning to the workplace, launching a new product, or growing their career.

What is Oracle Journeys?

Oracle Journeys is a beneficial addition to the already seamless HCM platform. It bridges the gap between HR and the employees, enabling both parties to work in conjunction and experience seamlessness throughout their journey. Oracle Journeys guides employees through tasks and key milestones while delivering quick access to resources they need across HR and the entire organization. It also helps employees with quick actions and feedback as they move through various events in their journey.

Oracle Journeys helps HR to become a one-stop-shop for all employee needs. It envisions HR to become the next center of innovation within the organization. Oracle Journeys helps HR leaders to move beyond standard HR workflows to create tailor-made experiences for their employees. These experiences can vary from being personal, professional, or administrative. With innovative features combined with AI-recommended personalized experiences, Oracle Journeys helps employees save time and enhance their productivity.

Customization – Key to deliver tailor-made experiences

Oracle Journeys was created considering uncertainty in mind. Post pandemic, there is an increase in demand for platforms that support dynamic workflow creation and with easy access to change. Oracle Journeys support a wide range of customization. It enables organizations to manage their paths in HCM seamlessly. This allows customers to scale and manage their workforce in uncertain times.

Oracle Journeys enables HR to become the center of innovation. With the recent pandemic, employees demand and expectations have changed considerably. Introduction of Oracle Journeys is the right answer to this flexibility in employee demands. It helps HR to not only manage the employee lifecycle, but enables them to innovate and cater to changing employee needs, helping them become the center of innovation and center of employee experience. This will help organizations with the power to design, manage, and proactively tackle future uncertainties in the employee lifecycle and their changing needs.

Extending beyond the core functions

Oracle Journeys can be extended to other functions as well. While HR is at the center of the application, Oracle Journeys can be extended to non-HR processes as well, such as product launches or expense management. With the automation and course creator capabilities, teams can work closely to build journeys related to product launches or other business functions, and create experiences within minutes.

The three main components of Oracle Journeys are:

  1. Journeys LaunchPad

Journeys LaunchPad helps organization to create a single point-of-contact for their employees to find direction within their employee experience. It acts as a single-pane-of-glass to find answers to their questions. All journeys—assigned and recommended—can be found on the LaunchPad. From finding a mentor to getting compliance training, these employee journeys can be:

  • Assigned or recommended by managers and HR teams
  • Discovered through an intelligent search at the top of the page
  • Triggered based on actions/events managed within the system
  • Recommended by AI

Each employee journey is personalized and delivered in context so they get the information they need when they need it. The employee experience can reach across personal, professional, administrative, and operational areas to help them manage expenses, find elder care, launch a new product, or grow their careers.

  1. Journeys Creator

Journeys Creator helps organizations to map out journeys their teams need based on organizational culture, procedures, and resources. It gives organizations the flexibility to support their employees on whichever path they choose.

It enables organizations to:

  • Design, edit and assign journeys quickly and in compliance with internal standards—without the help of IT
  • Give managers the ability to edit, add, or delete tasks and then assign these customized journeys to their teams
  • Create and deliver journeys with tasks and resources from across the enterprise, giving employees the insights and guidance they need
  • Build journeys to help their employees accomplish a range of tasks including managing expenses, updating skills, or understanding new safety protocols as they return to the office
  1. Journeys Booster

Using Journeys Booster, organizations can expand the capabilities of their employee experience even further by easily connecting with third-party systems and applications. Within the same user experience, organizations can include tasks that connect outside the Oracle platform while keeping employee data safe.

Journeys Booster leverages Oracle Process Automation, making adding new processes faster, easier, and secure—even when using third-party applications.


Cloud is the key to manage uncertainty, and Oracle Journeys adds more power to the already powerful Oracle Fusion Cloud. Organizations must leverage Oracle cloud capabilities to tackle uncertainties and meet employee demands. With an increasing number of the workforce working remotely, Oracle HCM Cloud, along with Oracle Journeys, will help and enable HR to become the next center of innovation, and will help organizations to become one of the ‘Best Places to Work’.

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