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Reduce Security and Regulatory Risks with MySQL Enterprise Edition

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In this digital era, data is an organization’s most valuable asset. Securing that data is a top priority for CIOs. Personal Identifiable Information (PII), sales data, intellectual property (IP), and corporate strategy information is valuable to identity thieves, competitors, malicious insiders, and state sponsored criminals. As a result, data breaches continue to dominate news headlines and costs soar.

To protect sensitive data and privacy of personal information, governments and industry organizations have developed multiple privacy regulations and data protection laws. Multiple regulations exist within countries that organization must comply with. However, complying with these laws and regulations can be a very difficult task for any organization.

MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the advanced security, performance, scalability and availability for the most demanding applications and online environments. It delivers a powerful suite of products to help companies defend themselves against the risk of a data breach and comply with regulations.

Here are some of the security features of MySQL Enterprise Edition…

#1 MySQL Enterprise Authentication – Open, pluggable authentication interface

It empowers MySQL users by authenticating them from centralized directories with Single Sign-On. It enables MySQL DBAs to be more productive by giving them one credential for all systems. It makes the organization’s IT infrastructure more secure by leveraging LDAP directories to enforce security policies.

#2 MySQL Enterprise Encryption – Public Key Cryptography

It protects sensitive data throughout its lifecycle using encryption, key generation and digital signatures. It encrypts data using RDS, DHS, and DH encryption algorithms without modifying existing applications. It helps organizations to confidently comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS etc.

#3 MySQL Enterprise TDE – Transparent data-at-rest encryption

It encrypts data in real time prior to writing to storage and decrypts it when reading from storage. Leverages powerful two-tier encryption key architecture, consisting of a master encryption key and automatically managed tablespace keys. It prevents malicious users from reading sensitive data from tablespace files, database backups or disks.

#4 MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-Identification – Masking, blurring, random data substitution and more

It hides or obfuscates personally identifiable information by controlling how it shows. MySQL EE leverages the built-in masking logic and easy-to-use masking functions, with no impact on database performance nor changes to applications. It improves the security of development, test and analytics environments by masking confidential application data.

#5 MySQL Enterprise Firewall – Your guard against cyber security threats

It ensures real-time protection against database-specific attacks, such as SQL Injection. Real-time thread monitoring automatically creates a whitelist of approved SQL statements. It runs in each MySQL instance and provides high scale-out performance. Most importantly, enterprises needn’t make changes to their applications regardless of development language, framework or third party.

#6 MySQL Enterprise Audit – Open, pluggable audit interface

IT verifies DBA activity, proves your data’s validity, and performs forensic analysis to investigate and discover data breaches. Audits are easily designed through templates and custom filters. MySQL EE comes with features such as filter on connections, users, table access, access type, statement status, query content, and more. It adds auditing compliance quickly and seamlessly by writing auditing solutions based on application-specific requirements.

MySQL Enterprise Edition reduces risks, costs and complexity of developing, deploying and managing critical applications. In addition, it provides support for your organization’s most valued assets and helps maintain your customers’ trust. Thus, organizations must add MySQL Enterprise Edition to their digital transformation roadmap, today!

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