MySQL Database Services

10 out of the top 10 most popular and highly-trafficked websites globally rely on MySQL due to its ubiquity across platforms and application stacks and for its proven performance, reliability, and ease of use.

With the world increasingly relying on digital and data, the demand for a database which performs and scales well across platforms and application stacks is critical. MySQL brings in the desired performance, reliability, and ease of use. It supports all major operation systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X and runs many high-profile web applications such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

You could enjoy the community version of MySQL or have the enterprise edition which provides advanced security, performance, scalability and availability for the most demanding applications and environments. MySQL works equally well for cloud-native companies as they do for large and SMB businesses.  MySQL can drive innovations faster and reduce the ‘go-to-market’ time which enables enterprises to build, test, deploy and improve faster than ever before.

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    MySQL Database Service with HeatWave

    • How about rolling the OLTP and OLAP requirements into one database?
    • How about ensuring that the analytics and reporting can work out of one environment rather than having to move data from multiple systems across cloud?
    • How about creating a ‘one-stop’ system to ensure secure access to data, conducting seamless analysis, and deriving insights and reports?

    With MySQL and Heatwave, you can ensure seamless data management, ensure high availability (HA) of applications, and enable secure data and access controls. Along with HA and security of data and access, you can also analyse the data in the same MySQL environment rather than having to move workloads to staging servers. You can run the most complex queries without having to create an exclusive ETL for reports and dashboards. With MySQL heatwave, you can now do the entire analytical processing within the MySQL environment and unearth insights at unprecedented speeds with minimum effort and no incremental costs. The dollars spent per decision and insights is drastically reduced which performance is significantly augmented when compared to AWS, Snowflake etc.

    MySQL HeatWave - In-Memory Query Accelerator with Built-in ML

    MySQL HeatWave is a high performance, in-memory query accelerator that significantly increases MySQL performance for analytics and mixed workloads, without requiring you to make any changes to the current applications.  With the addition of the newly released HeatWave ML, developers and data analysts can build, train, deploy, and explain machine learning models in MySQL HeatWave, without moving data to a separate machine learning service.

    MySQL Database Service with Heatwave enabled is:

    • 5400x faster than Amazon RDS at 2/3 the cost
    • 1400x faster than Amazon Aurora at ½ the cost
    • 5x faster than Amazon Redshift AQUA at ½ the cost
    • 7x faster than Snowflake at 1/5 the cost

    If you are among those that wish to just leverage the database functionality, scalability, high availability, and security that MySQL offers, the MySQL Enterprise edition is just for you!

    Why MySQL Enterprise Edition Matters?

    Whether you are building high-volume e-commerce applications, enterprise applications, or any other mission-critical business application, your organization deserves the most advanced tools to build and manage database applications. MySQL Enterprise Edition reduces the risk, cost, and complexity in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.

    Why should you consider migrating to MySQL Enterprise Edition?

    The debate of cost control versus security has been around for a while and security seems to be taking a visible lead in the digital age. Data is invaluable and its flow across the enterprise and beyond as well as its points of access need to be monitored at all costs. While you may save a few dollars by using the MySQL Community edition and your business may be running seamlessly on it, the following aspects may need consideration:

    • Is the security of the database water-tight?
    • Are the access points fully secured?
    • Does the community edition always ensure high availability?

    While question 3 will impact customer experience and eventually growth of the business, questions 1 and 2 go beyond. It puts the reputation of the organization and the trust it enjoys its customers at risk if left unaddressed. Hence, moving to MySQL enterprise edition may well be the difference between paying the cost and paying a huge price.

    Clover Infotech’s Support for MySQL

    Our service offerings are attuned to the customers journey and their stage of growth and evolution as follows:

    • Migrate from MySQL Community to MySQL Enterprise Edition: Established enterprise customers have now started putting more emphasis on security, high availability and performance, scalability, and seamlessness of management, and reputation management as against just considering ‘cost’ as the most critical parameter. To ensure the former attributes and focus more on core business, enterprises are now considering a move to MySQL Enterprise Edition, whether its on-premises or on the cloud. If you are one such enterprise, please write to us at
    • Migrate from on-prem MySQL or competitor Cloud MySQL instances to MySQL Database Service: Now, get rid of having to manage your MySQL on-premises database or managing MySQL instances on AWS or other clouds. Move it all to a MySQL Database Service. How does it help?
      1 . Improve Productivity through Automated Data Management of time-consuming tasks
      2. Instantly provision resources for applications and enable faster ‘Go-to-market’. This is especially critical while we transform organizations digitally
      3. Accelerate innovation as MySQL Database Services will ensure immediate access to latest features
      4. MySQL Database Services offer seamless compatibility with on-premises MySQL databases. It can enable enterprises to have a fully Cloud-native MySQL Database service or retain hybrid models thereby enabling to accelerate their modernization efforts
      5. It runs on OCI Gen 2 hence it assures performance, security and enables enterprises and the vendors that service them to meet pre-defined SLAs and performance metrics.
    • Implement MySQL Database Service with High Availability (HA): In addition to the above, with HA, enterprises can leverage the MySQL Database Services automated setup thereby saving time and cost on setup activities. In case of a failover, it assures automatic recovery within minutes and assures zero data loss. Thus, enterprises may not have to spend time, effort, cost, and resources to retrieve critical data or work on damage control. With OCI to support it, no separate configuration or architecture is required. Thus, performance, availability, security is exemplary and the pace of innovation, testing new features, analysing results, and leveraging technology to accelerate growth and efficiency is assured with MySQL Database Services.
    • Implement MySQL Database Service with Heatwave: The MySQL Database Service with Heatwave offers seamless database services, performance, security, scalability, and most importantly enables you to run both OLTP and OLAP workloads in a single database. Without having to copy data, duplicate databases or create complex ETL, enterprises can now use MySQL to analyze, slice, and dice data to create the desired insights swiftly and within the same environment. While it enhances performance per dollar significantly, it can also bring down the cost per decision considerably.

    Clover Infotech can provide the above through its various models of engagement which include:

    1. Professional Services – Our trained and certified MySQL consultant will be resident in your enterprise or remotely ensure seamless functioning of your MySQL environments
    2. Managed Services – Here, we enter at the consulting stage itself and stay through the implementation/ migration process and subsequent support of the MySQL databases to ensure excellent RoI on your MySQL investments
    3. MySQL Projects – We also engage by taking on projects with defined or specific requirements. This could be moving MySQL databases instances from On-premises to Cloud, moving it from other cloud environments such as AWS to MySQL Database Services, or even migrating from community to enterprise edition, upgrading to the latest versions, or managing a hybrid MySQL ecosystem.

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    MySQL Enterprise Upgrade

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