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Still on Oracle EBS 12.1? 7 Compelling reasons why you should upgrade to EBS 12.2

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Many Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users are already aware that Oracle Premier Support has come to an end for EBS 12.1.3 on 31st December’21. Anyone that is still running an older version has already entered into Oracle’s Sustaining Support.

Application version releases and support timelines from Oracle:

Database releases and support timelines from Oracle:

By transitioning to EBS 12.2, you can lock in Premier Support through at least December 2031. Maintaining Oracle’s Premier Support* for at least 10 years is an obvious reason to upgrade. However, if you are still on EBS 12.1, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2 today…

#1 Streamlined installation: In the past, organizations hesitated to upgrade their EBS version due to the complexity of the installation process. Users now have an option of installing the new EBS 12.2 on their existing database servers with the capability of carrying out installation into existing Real Application Clusters environments. Also, the use of native installation tools for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database technology stack components has been streamlined.

#2 ‘Online Patching’: In the past, patching operations needed to be performed as quickly as possible to reduce downtime. However, with EBS 12.2 upgrade, your company benefits from a revolutionary feature i.e. online patching. This means that you can apply patches to your system while it is still running and fully operational, and while users are still online. This allows you to dramatically reduce patching and maintenance downtimes.

#3 Expanded mobility: Many organizations are embracing a more mobile workforce, which means that their critical business systems need to keep up. The latest versions of Oracle EBS 12.2 continue to improve the mobile experience to support this need.

#4 Enterprise Command Centers (ECC): Oracle EBS 12.2 offers new dashboards that help users to gain analytical insights with an ability to drill down data to the transactional level.

#5 WebLogic Server: WebLogic Server is the replacement for the Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) application server used in EBS 12.0 and 12.1. This enhances the overall System Administration experience.

#6 Modern and intuitive user experience: Icon-based page navigation gives version 12.2 a new look, feel, and user experience. Users can click on an icon to receive a summary of recent notifications, and they can scroll through new user interactions, detach tables, choose wider work widths, and use new widgets designed to improve productivity.

#7 Enhanced Access and Security measures (New password options): There are slight modifications to the apps password change routine in the EBS 12.2 release. A new utility (AFPASSWD) requires no systems user or apps passwords, unlike FNDCPASS. This allows you to separate database administrator and application administrator duties. There are also additional options available when it’s time to change your password.

Key benefits of upgrading to EBS 12.2: Unsupported versions of EBS no longer receive security updates, which makes them more vulnerable to an attack. Further, regulated industries have compliance requirements around new technology. Upgrading the EBS version has direct benefits in terms of security and compliance.

There are several other benefits such as:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increased business value
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved compliance and security
  • Enhanced user experience

What is the time estimate for a typical EBS 12.2 upgrade?

A typical EBS 12.2 upgrade will take roughly 6 months to successfully complete, depending on your Oracle footprint.

What is the difference between Oracle Premier and Sustaining Support?

Oracle ‘Premier Support’ provides comprehensive maintenance and software upgrades for your Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications for five years from the general availability (GA) date. While Oracle ‘Sustaining Support’ provides maintenance for as long as you use your Oracle software. Features include access to Oracle online support tools, upgrade rights, pre-existing fixes, and assistance from technical support experts. Read this page for details

Upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2 with Clover Infotech

Our strong partnership with Oracle across applications, middleware, databases, OS and the EBS suite, enabled our customers to experience unparalleled expertise in Oracle Technologies. Our strong teams have enabled customers with successful EBS 12.2 upgrade. We have provided services to some of the most reputed brands running Oracle E-Business Suite today.

Our Oracle EBS upgrade service offering includes:

  • Upgrade assessment and advisory
  • Architecture review
  • A full production-upgrade
  • User acceptance testing
  • Go-Live
  • Post Go-Live support

If you’re interested in learning more about what EBS 12.2 entails, please write to us at and our team of Oracle EBS experts will be glad to assist you.

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