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The Curtain Raiser

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The Curtain Raiser

The technology world is witnessing a paradigm shift. The rise of mobility and its usage in everything from purchases, investments, banking, planning, and most facets of life has resulted in technology becoming an increasing influence on our lives. With IoT and digital becoming the buzz words, we are seeing new businesses and services arising out of our increasing dependence on the seemingly little mobile devices in our hands.

The IT services world has, knowingly or unknowingly, been engulfed by the nexus of forces (Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud) and companies are forced to think of ways to service the needs created by them. The compelling need to innovate has never been felt by Information Technology companies before and they are now using the entire their arsenal to survive in the “Differentiate or Die” battlefield.

At Clover Infotech, we have consciously been focusing only on India as a market (a very price-sensitive market) and hence, have always had this need to create the differentiation through innovation, operational efficiency and management excellence. We are thus, well-poised to battle it out in the differentiation era with some excellent innovations that we are lining up in our stable.

This blog will feature our perspective on the various aspects of IT services and the way it will evolve; as seen from our lens. It will also feature a prelude to some of the innovations we are working on.

What can you expect?

You can expect unbiased opinion and views from us. You can also connect with us for private discussions and deliberations on the various topics we will be writing on.

We will see you again, soon!

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