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The new Google Wallet is now available to all users: Will replace Google Pay in some countries

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Announced at Google I/O 2022, the ‘new and improved’ Google Wallet is rolling out to Android users in 39 countries right now, but not India. Wherever applicable, the new Google Wallet will replace the existing Google Pay app i.e. Google Pay will simply become Google Wallet via an automatic update. So, users in India won’t see any change and the app will remain as Google Pay. However, in the US and in Singapore, users will continue to use Google Pay and Google Wallet as two separate apps, with the former sticking around for payments being made to friends.

Google announced Wallet at its 2022 I/O event, which combines payments with the ability to save vaccine cards, transit and event tickets, and boarding and loyalty passes. The features are similar to what Apple offers with its Wallet, but Google’s version has certain advantages, such as deep integration with other Google apps like Maps.

Google Wallet is also backed by Android security features like facial recognition or locking it behind a password. Users will also be able to control the data and how it can be accessed. Data that is stored or transmitted using Google Wallet will be protected with encryption. If you choose to connect it to other applications, you can receive data relevant to activities or events that you might be attending.

Google has rolled out several iterations of the Google Wallet over time. In 2011, the Google Wallet was an NFC payment app that was upgraded eventually to include other payment features like “peer-to-peer money transfers”. By 2018, Google combined Google Wallet with Android Pay to create Google Pay and in some of the countries. And currently it is transforming back into Google Wallet.

How to download it?

Google Wallet could be downloaded from the Play Store. Users have to be using Android 5.2 OS or later, and must be using a Google account and a valid phone number. Users can add different bank cards to the platform to link the Google Wallet.

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