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Facebook’s new test allows users to add up to five multiple profiles tied to a single account

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Facebook is testing a way for users to have up to five separate profiles tied to a single account. Test allows users to dedicate different profiles to specific groups they want to connect with, such as one dedicated Facebook feed exclusive to their friends and another one just for their co-workers. Users who are part of the test will be able to switch between their different profiles in a few taps.

Up until now, the company has barred regular users from having multiple Facebook accounts, so the introduction of additional profiles marks a change for the social media giant. The launch of the test indicates that Facebook is experimenting with ways to drive engagement on its platform, while also encouraging users to post and share more content with others.

Further, the company notes that additional profiles can be used to go deeper into topics you care about and want to learn more about. For example, Facebook says a user may want to create an additional profile focused on sustainable design, where they can follow their favourite brands and connect with others who share their passion.

Users who create extra profiles won’t need to use their real identity for their display name as long as the stand-in doesn’t violate the platform’s policies and doesn’t include numbers or special characters. The company will continue to require that each user have only one Facebook account, with a main profile that continues to use the person’s real name. People will be able to access any additional profiles they create after logging in to that account.

All profiles will have to abide by the platform’s rules, including restrictions on certain content such as hate speech or violence. Profiles will not be allowed to impersonate or misrepresent another user’s identity.

The product change would “help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships,” like posting different types of content aimed at family versus friends, Meta said in a statement. The test also shows that Facebook is trying to move beyond from just a platform to share updates with family and friends.

So far, there is no launch date for the feature.

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