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Top 3 open-source database management software of 2021-22

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Database management software is meant to store data in an organized way so you can retrieve the necessary data when you want it. It becomes easy to manage data using open-source DBMS. There are various types of open-source database software that can be used to store data. You can choose amongst them based on the kinds and sizes of data.


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Database Management software also aims to facilitate an overview of the databases, by providing a variety of administrative operations such as tuning, performance monitoring, and backup recovery.

Following are the different types of DBMS:

Hierarchical DBMS: You can consider it to be like a tree, where the nodes of the tree represent records and the branches of the tree represent fields.

Relational DBMS (RDBMS): It has a structure which allows the users to identify and access data in relation to another piece of data in the database. In this type of DBMS, the data is stored in the form of tables.

Network DBMS: This type of database management software supports many relations where multiple user records can be linked.

Object-oriented DBMS: This type of database management software uses small individual software called objects. Here, each object contains a piece of data and the instructions for the actions to be done with the data.

Why Opt for Open-Source Database software?

Open-source database management software gives flexibility, agility, and speed. It is extremely cost effective and has a very low maintenance cost. Let’s have a look at its benefits:

Minimize Data Redundancy – Several files are integrated in one platform which reduces the chance of data duplicity to almost zero.

Sharing of Data – Data can also be shared between multiple users of the database.

Data Consistency – It controls its redundancy and duplicity which later controls data consistency.

Search Capability – Databases are used so that the user gets the right data at the right time, with minimum searching.

Backup and Recovery – The backup and recovery in any open-source database software is extremely easy. If one is using an open-source DBMS, data is backed up automatically.

Data Migration – Bits of data are stored in places that can be accessed frequently without any hassle.

Below listed are top 3 open-source database management software of 2021-22

#1 MySQL

MySQL helps in building scalable database applications. There are different editions available for this database management software like standard, enterprise and classic edition which helps in building scalable database applications.

#2 MongoDB

MongoDB follows a document data-base model. You can use this for developing new apps and renewing the existing ones. MongoDB database management further provides new-age features for real-time analytics and the internet of things.

#3 PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open source DBMS which is suitable for businesses looking to accommodate NoSQL. It provides features like indexing, configuration settings, and version control. It has a robust locking system and a native Microsoft server version.

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