Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions & Services

We can define Business Intelligence as a technology-driven process for analyzing data to derive and extract actionable insights which can be used by executives, managers and other corporate users for making informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence for your business

Business intelligence includes a transformation of raw data into useful information which can support decision making. Business intelligence consists of the strategies and analysis used by the enterprises for the data analysis of their business information. It involves deriving useful and actionable insights by rigorous drill-down of the data using Business Intelligence tools. These BI technology tools provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Why use Business Intelligence for your company?
To conveniently collect, analyze and visualize their data which can be big or scattered in different places because it will lead to more accurate analysis. Basically, to leverage the power of data to better decision making.

♦Business Intelligence enables analysis of data that businesses generate through transactions or by other kinds of business activities and thus helps businesses to analyze the past and present business situations and performances

♦Making better business decisions invariably depends on the business understanding the value that can be unlocked through its information assets

♦  Today, it is difficult to find a successful enterprise that has not leveraged BI technology for their business

♦  An organization with systems and personnel institutionalized in BI will find it easier to move to the next level of informed
decision making using Advanced Analytics like Predictive Analytics, Social Analytics, Text Analytics, Big Data Analytics etc.

Why use Business Intelligence solution for your company?

A Business Intelligence (BI) solution helps in producing accurate reports by extracting data directly from your data source. With Business Intelligence solutions we have the following benefits
Gain Intelligence on Sale opportunity:

One of the main advantages of investing in BI solution is the fact that it will boost your ability to analyze the opportunity for sales.
Increase Productivity: You can drill down the data, to know the productivity up to a single person. Know your strengths in production, your cost benefits etc. resulting in Increase in productivity as you channelize your resources accordingly.
Gain insights on consumer behavior: Prepare for the peak season of your business. Know what your consumers are buying and the demand flow. You can use this information to develop products that match the current consumption trends and consequently improve your profitability.
Automated & error-free: Using traditional data gathering methods, a user has to manually compile and analyze data and generate related reports. This can be incredibly a time-consuming activity which may also prone to human errors. Using BI solution, it becomes possible to pull data and create the reports at the click of a button, thus freeing up time.
Real time data view: Enables monitoring of businesses in real-time and let the reports directly to managers on-demand from any location. This helps to reduce the scope of error by providing managers with accurate data to make better decisions on what is happening now and to forecast for the future. 
Data security: BI solutions also focus on providing data security by using existing established security infrastructures to keep data private.
Analysis : An organization with systems and personnel institutionalized in BI will find it easier to move to the next level of informed decision making using Advanced Analytics like Predictive Analytics, Social Analytics, Text Analytics, Big Data Analytics etc.

Business Intelligence Tools

Our expertise in Business Intelligence combines a broad set of applications which includes the following names:

  • Pantaho
  • Tableau
  • MSBI
  • SAP-BusinessObjects
  • Oracle BI : OBIEA, OBIEE, Discoverer
  • Microsoft BI : SSIS, SSRS, SSAS
  • Informatica
  • ETL

What Clover Infotech can offer?
We offer comprehensive set up of BI implementation services which include Data Integration with BI. Refer fig below. This involves combining data from several disparate sources. Data integration becomes relatively important in case of merging system from various sources or consolidated application within one company to provide a unified view of the company's data assets.

We can also help your organization to take the next step on the path to BI maturity depending on the existing state of your BI setup. 


Value Proposition

Clover Infotech provides the desired services, competency and governance through our technology experts, consultants and business analysts
♦   Clover Infotech provides flexible delivery models for maximum business advantage
♦   Clover Infotech can help clients reduce their operating cost and maximize your ROI on BI investment

Clover InfoTech provides the desired services, competency and governance through our technology experts, consultants and business analysts. Consultancy, design, implementation, maintenance and support of and for individual solutions are all available in one place.

Why choose Clover Infotech to Implement Business Intelligence?
Unlike other Business Intelligence companies, we offer end to end solutions for the implementation of Business Intelligence. It includes installation of various Business Intelligence tools such as Oracle OBIEE, Oracle Hyperion System, Microsoft's business intelligence tool. 

BI consulting

We assist in extracting valuable insights from the raw data, collected from multiple sources. Solve BI related problem such as analyzing raw data, implementing and integrating BI self-service solution (tool) and leveraging the big data opportunities.

BI development

We provide our customer with a robust BI ecosystem. All this keeping in mind the business objectives. Our BI solution cover hardware consulting, technology recommendations, developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL and data cleaning processes, delivering OLAP/ROLAP systems, as well as selling software licenses.

Data visualization & dashboarding

Nothing is more convenient than making the vivid, thus data visualization in our portfolio of BI services, we assist costumers look beyond the figures, and focus on the insights and identify any opportunity or lapses in the operations. Besides, we tailor reports and dashboards to user roles, solve security challenges, develop versions for mobile devices

BI maintenance & testing

We are not limited to just develop BI related solutions but also make sure that it runs as intended, reach its objectives. For this reason, we deliver a data warehouse and ETL testing, report testing, as well as load and performance testing

BI support

We also support customers who have a BI solution in place but are’nt sure if they make the most out of it. We conduct technology audits, to find out the technical compatibilities, performance and if there is any scope of improvement


Infographic : Clover's HR datalake

Case Study : Business Intelligence solution helped to keep track of stock, predicting demand, eventually resulted in profits