Managed Service Provider

We are managed service provider not just limited just to staffing. Our managed services capability is well beyond that, we have a managed services model taps wide spectrum of services which includes the following.

Types of Managed Services 

  • Managed Services Infrastructure
  • Managed Services Application



Managed Services benefits

Three out of five mid-sized companies in North America have opted for Managed Services to optimize their IT operations. If you are among the other two, then:
  • You are investing your time and resources on IT operations as against core business operations
  • You are not future-proofing and crisis-proofing your business applications and underlying technology
  • You are not optimizing your IT investments by leveraging the latest advancements in technology
  • You are not creating a seamless plan for ensuring that your business is up and running at all times

As a reliable managed services partner, we make your IT ready to adapt, scale and evolve as per the business dynamicity and challenges.

What we offer as Managed Services Company? 


How we do it?


How you achieve more:

Key Differentiators:

  • Measurable, simple, transparent deliverables
  • Optimization of existing applications for improved ROI and bottomline
  • Common point resolution for applications and infrastructure – over and above SLAs
  • World class security for process adherence and access control, mitigating data breach
  • We adapt best practices from our CoE to augment your applications  and infrastructure
  • Proactive collaboration with your existing vendors to ensure seamless business operations
Service Benchmark:
  • Hassle-free takeover of applications & platform in shortest time
  • Portal-based access to comprehensive, real-time status reports
  • Periodic and consistent documentation
  • Focussed efforts for resolution of critical incidents – over and above SLAs

On demand support

Staff on board, when you need them. If something goes wrong or you just have any questions about your business IT we're just a phone call away. Enables you to avoid hiring a full team of IT staff to deal with all the hardware software network issues you come across in your business

Time, money, and more space

Besides saving on staffing and save expenditure on salaries, taxes and other benefits. This give you simplified IT expenses and billing. You can get services and support as a part of one packaged or single deal making planning and budgeting much easier. Our programs are flexible well equipped for scaling in demand as your business needs.

Proactive management

Our domain expertise alongside the experience, makes us capable of predicting  future rise in demands or even problems or fault. Our proactive approach with your business's technology will monitor your IT and anticipate problems, so things don't break down in the first place. So, you won't have to worry about downtime and resulting in more productive and focused behavior. 

Facts to believe:
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