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10 Super Tips on Personality Development by Dhanashree Mundada

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Have you ever observed people who are center of attraction all the time? They have that magnificent quality due to which people get attracted to them. So, how do they manage to do this? Well, the answer is simple they have a distinct personality.

Well, the fact is anyone and everyone can actually develop such personality, but for that one needs to work upon a few aspects.

Catch Dhanashree Mundada, Soft Skills Trainer at Clover Infotech, share 10 super tips on personality development to create a lasting impression in the corporate world…

  • Tip #1 Be Yourself. Be Natural
  • Tip #2 Manage Your Time Well
  • Tip #3 Have a Positive Attitude and Outlook
  • Tip #4 Dress Appropriately
  • Tip #5 Right Body Language
  • Tip #6 Don’t be Afraid to Talk or Mingle Around
  • Tip #7 Read Extensively
  • Tip #8 Be a Patient Listener
  • Tip #9 Be Confident
  • Tip #10 Improve Your Communication Skills

The pointers mentioned above are easy and simple. So, all the very best for your new journey and hope to see a new you!

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