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Here’s how you can remove your phone number, email etc. from Google search results

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In the internet era, the idea of personal privacy is becoming a myth. Our personal data is scattered all over the internet, so it’s only inevitable that some personal information will turn up in Google’s search results. What makes the situation worse is that the information is put online without our knowledge or consent. The good news is that Alphabet-owned search giant Google is finally making it easier for you to make sure your personal information doesn’t show up in online search results. As part of this change, users will be able to remove sensitive personal information from search results. Previously, users had to show evidence of potential harm such as identity theft to get Google to remove their personal information from search results. Now, you get your information removed from those results for any reason – and with just the click of a button.

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“Open access to information is a key goal of Search, but so is empowering people with the tools they need to protect themselves and keep their sensitive, personally identifiable information private. That’s why we’re updating our policies to help people take more control of their online presence in Search,” Michelle Chang, Google’s Global Policy Lead for Search, announced on the company’s blog.

How to remove personal info from Google search?

Step 1: Visit this Google page to initiate the request for the removal of personal info.

Step 2: Next, you will be asked a few questions in order to understand the kind of content you want to remove.

Step 3: Once you submit the form, Google sends you an automated mail for confirmation.

Step 4: The request will be evaluated based on the requirements provided in the form. If Google finds any information missing, such as URLs, it will reach out to you to gather the information.

Step 5: You’ll get a notification of any action taken. Depending on the content and context, Google may remove the links from all search results, or just results that include your name.

Wrapping Up

Google is finally making it easier for you to remove personal information from online search results. But Google doesn’t have the power to take down the website where the information actually resides. Since Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the internet, any content Google scrubs from its results can still exist online. This means someone might still find the content on the page that hosts it, through social media, on other search engines, or other ways. If that’s the case, Google recommends that you contact the offending site and ask it to remove the content itself.

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