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Can Marketing teams “Do More with Less” in the Digital Age?

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Why market when you can just sell? I am sure you would have come across this question many times.

So, what can marketing do for your product/ service?

  1. It is the fastest way to reach the target audience
  2. It enables the organization to promote its product/ service as a compelling value proposition in the most creative manner
  3. It has the ability to grab attention and mindshare


Is this sufficient in the age of Digital and Data?

The answer is No. The transformation of marketing to a continual customer engagement model is what will differentiate the best from the rest. “Digital” is the most robust channel to enable this transformation.

Who are the partners that will help marketing teams to make this transformation? There’s Technology and the Data Analytics teams to begin with.


The Transformation of Marketing

You have a product or service. You know its USP. You know the target audience. You also have the positioning in place. Great but still not good enough.

So, what’s missing?

The above gives you the material to run campaigns. How do you render a consistent experience of these campaigns across channels? How do you ensure that you spend the least possible time on creation of campaigns and execution of campaigns and focus more on the analysis and fine-tuning?

That’s where Oracle Content Experience (OCE) comes in. The platform enables marketers to do the following:

  1. Create: A robust content management system to enable relevant content and digital assets (blogs, web pages, videos, images etc.) can be made live in almost real-time
  2. Collaborate: Now, digital assets can be made live in real-time. Content Creators and collaborators across departments can collaborate and build digital assets in a jiffy.
  3. Engage: The digital assets can seamlessly connect to the campaign management systems (e.g. Oracle Eloqua or other such systems) and render a seamless experience across all channels (web, mobile, social media etc.)

Marketers, Doesn’t it sound delightful? Campaign conceptualization, creation and execution in the fastest possible time would imply that you can spend a lot more time on monitoring, analysis, learning and fine-tuning of campaigns.

So, what changes with OCE?

  1. Better internal collaboration and faster go-to-market with campaign ideas
  2. Real-time learnings and re-allocation of campaign budgets across channels

With OCE, marketers will enjoy the unprecedented opportunity to better allocate campaign budget and enhance RoI for every rupee/ dollar spent. The bonus: Customers will be engaged across channels contextually and you can actually experience business growth.

Is your organization ready to transform its marketing efforts digitally? OCE may be the answer. The best part – You will be charged based on the digital assets consumed and hence it may be much more cost-effective than you think. With OCE, do more with less (time, money, efforts, resources). We just defined it for you!

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