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Things to keep in mind while having RPA on-board

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Robotic Process Automation is the use of automation technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to handle and automate repetitive tasks that previously required human efforts. These tasks may involve query handling, calculations, record maintenance, transaction entries, etc.

The following are some essential things to take note of while selecting an RPA tool.

Integration with the Legacy system

It is essential for any RPA to have a smooth integration with the legacy systems. Legacy system integration reduces the manual work of verifying information from multiple systems and keep them updated.

Essential functionalities in RPA tool

  • Fetch data from multiple systems: This contributes to providing an intelligent report for faster decision making.
  • RPA bots should read information from paper-based forms convert it into digital format and validate the information with multiple systems.

Security Features

RPA bots can also be used to stop transactional fraud by detecting patterns and can create reports within minutes. With the use of AI, they can understand the regional language in emails and chats to provide resolution to customer queries.

Business ROI

Business operations institutions can save up to 40 to 60% processing time and cost. Processes will be more compliant with almost zero errors.

Role of an RPA Implementer

RPA implementation does not require any major changes in infrastructure with its UI automation. Capabilities are beyond the cloud further reduces the hardware and maintenance costs. RPA platform support drag-and-drop development which is easy to understand and develop workflows.

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