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How Oracle’s Content Management Platform Can Deliver Multi-Dimensional Customer Experience Improvement

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Technology boom and IoT wave have transformed the business landscape to a great extent. Digitization has facilitated huge and smooth flow of intelligent information. Alongside, businesses are also realizing the significance of customer experience at every level, be it their employees, customers or stakeholders. Users expect a consistent and unified experience from brands, no matter what channels they use. The expectation for cohesive content experience is rising across B2C & B2B channels. Cloud-based solutions like Oracle Content Management Platform are shaping Multi-Dimensional Customer Experience and helping businesses capitalize on the experience economy to increase their efficiencies.

What is Oracle Content and Experience Cloud?

OCE – Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is an intelligent content platform that enables you to manage your digital assets and content from multiple touchpoints and from anywhere in the world. Its API-first platform ensures omni-channel delivery of integrated content and enhanced experience.

How OCE is changing the CX game?

Asset Management

Whether it’s sales & marketing or operations, content is crucial to every business. Many business functions have their data content scattered across the large network of computers, which makes locating it, quite tedious and time consuming. OCE Cloud serves as a centralized repository for all your marketing assets, images, content, videos and documents. It enables you to quickly locate your files and enhances efficiency of the asset management process.

Content Management

Content management is at the core of creating impeccable user experience and OCE Cloud makes it simpler and efficient for you. No matter where you are and what channel you are using, OCE allows you to share, collaborate, process and manage your content with ease. Whether it’s revisiting your incomplete documents, approving content to go live, creating and publishing websites and blogs and more, OCE serves as a single source of truth for your content and offers you the ease of managing all your content and associated assets effectively. The ‘smart authoring’ platform utilizes machine-driven tagging to augment content through AI to deliver personalized experience to you.


OCE Cloud makes content sharing very easy. It enables teams to collaborate, share data files, initiate conversations and exchange ideas with one another. The automized synchronization of content on the cloud ensures that the content remains unified across all the channels; this enables real-time seamless collaboration to deliver exceptional experiences. Furthermore, the workflow setup can allow to channelize the content to apt associates for approval or revisions required. This eliminates redundancy with respect to content creation and editing and hence contributes to increased efficiency.

In this age of AI and experience economy, OCE Cloud is certainly making business processes more efficient and workplaces more productive. It is creating an enhanced and cohesive omni-channel customer experience.

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