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MySQL HeatWave on AWS is now available in AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region

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Last month, Oracle announced the availability of MySQL HeatWave on AWS in AWS Japan (Tokyo) region. The company has now extended the availability to AWS India (Mumbai) region. The new region enables customers with applications deployed in AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region to:

  • Minimize network latency between the application and database, enhancing the user experience on the application
  • Reduce the high data egress cost charged by AWS that would be necessary if the database is in another region
  • Comply data residency requirements

MySQL HeatWave on AWS is a fully managed database service with an integrated query accelerator which enables organizations to efficiently run transaction processing, real-time analytics, data warehousing and machine learning on data stored inside MySQL database.

MySQL HeatWave on AWS eliminates the need for complex ETL operations to move data out of MySQL to run analytics or machine learning. Existing MySQL applications can run on MySQL HeatWave without any change and get orders of magnitude better query performance with the built-in query accelerator.

Clover Infotech is one of the preferred partners for MySQL HeatWave implementation, which enhances MySQL performance substantially for analytics and mixed workloads, without any changes to current applications.

In this regard, we’re offering a no-obligation 30-minute session wherein our MySQL experts will exhibit how MySQL HeatWave can help you turbocharge performance and security of your applications. Please write to us at and we’ll be glad to arrange the same for you.

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