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Why ‘Total Experience (TX)’ is Gartner’s top technology trend for 2022

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Recently, Gartner had published the top tech trends that will play a key role in the year 2022 and have excellent implementation opportunities for the next five or even more years. One of the trends identified by Gartner is ‘Total Experience (TX)’. In this article, we’ll explain ‘Total Experience’ and why you should care about it.


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‘Total Experience (TX)’ = No more silos

The experiences you deliver will have the biggest impact on attracting and retaining customers. Thus, one can’t afford to deliver sub-par experiences.

Falling under the theme of people-centricity, Gartner defines ‘Total Experience’ as combining multi-experience (MX), customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and user experience (UX) to transform business outcomes. The goal is to improve the overall experience, breaking down siloes while integrating technology with employees, customers, and users. It differentiates a business from competitors in a way that is difficult to replicate, creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Simply put, TX is about delivering an all-round exceptional experience to anyone who interacts with your brand, including customers, users, and employees. The fundamental idea of TX is to stop treating each component of a business strategy as an individual silo.

Brands have always known that UX, CX and EX are connected. Poor product UX can lead to dissatisfied customer, and a happy employee can leave a customer smiling. ‘Total Experience’ considers these encounters as facets of a singular experience instead of considering them as individual occurrences.

5 Key benefits of TX

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved end products/services
  • Healthy work atmosphere
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Reduced business silos

How does TX work?

The increasing adoption of digital transformation (DX) has made it relatively easy for organizations to focus on Total Experience as DX helps to provide the required data across the organization that can be used to create a TX.

Let’s say, your business has a physical store, a website, an app, social media presence, an intranet, a database etc. If you could ensure that all these worked together delivering the same messaging while directly interacting with each other, you could deliver a total experience. For example- When your customers visit your physical store, they could receive an app notification about the offers on the products that they like and if your employees could engage with those customers based on this information, then you could deliver a total experience.

Wrapping up

The Total Experience not only takes care of the customers, but also provides a healthy environment to the employees, thereby improving efficiency. Successful organizations know that you cannot separate customer and employee experience strategies into silos. This is the experience that’s going to differentiate good brands from great brands in 2022 and beyond.

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