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Part 4 :Oracle Financial Cloud Implementation Journey: Automation …Improve business user’s life further (Future)

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One of the signs of successful implementation of Oracle SaaS Cloud is when business users keep coming back and demand more features and additional outcome of the system. This is the stage where business users have confidence in the software system and capability of the implementation team. You need to ride on this positive energy and launch your next phase of SaaS Cloud adoption


The productivity dashboards, data insight dashboards, and financial controls have made life easy for business users….but not wholly. They are still carrying out their routine activities. This is where building Oracle Financial Cloud Automation makes sense. Let me give you few examples of automation we incorporated in this phase….

  1. Accounts Payable Automation – Understand the entire process of the bill to payment process and develop process automation triggers to reduce total cycle time. You can also build barcode capture automation and integrate it with Accounts Payable to reduce document processing
  2. Third party automation – We build an automation to integrate employee expense management systems with Accounts Payables. This helped us reduce the cost of employee expense management process


Enhancements – Get a leap in value from Oracle Financial Cloud


Once we had successfully taken our automations live, we launched our last phase of adoption, The Enhancements. The critical success factor during this phase is not to consider enhancements from what the application can deliver but to take a holistic view of the business and identify enhancements needed to deliver additional value. This is the time when our implementation team presented few additional Oracle Cloud investment options with clearly defined business benefits. For example :

  1. Oracle Integration Cloud Services to integrate our legacy HR application with Financial Cloud. The direct business benefit is to reduce the cost of HR-Financial business processes and better drill down of Project profitability dashboards
  2. Oracle Enterprise Mobility to implement intelligent BOTS for Oracle Financial Cloud.
  3. Planning and Budgeting Cloud for better financial discipline and comprehensive “if-then-analysis” for the financial analyst.

Part 5: The way forward !! Our plan to improve Oracle Financial Cloud further

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