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The customer’s mindshare is what the marketer wants. The proportion of this mindshare is increasingly moving onto digital platforms. The question is how do we reach out to them with what they need, exactly when they need it?

This mammoth expectation can be fulfilled only by leveraging technology capabilities to the fullest. The teams in an organization, especially the marketing team needs to understand the pulse of its target audience and tailor its communication as per the desires of every customer.

The tool that is required should be at the intersection of applications, information and teams that access the same. This tool is Oracle WebCenter and it is well capable of transforming the entire digital experience that brands offer to their customers.

Next generation digital experience with WebCenter



Let’s understand the three key features that can enable marketers to transform a customer’s digital experience:

Seamless content management across teams: While there are multiple departments, the content management system offered by Webcenter, enables teams to manage their own webpages and content. You might be wondering how consistency is maintained across the pages if so many departments upload the content? The answer is that the site is built on standard pre-defined templates which take care of the overall consistency while enabling seamless content management.

Scheduling of campaigns and targeting to the apt audience: Christmas holidays ahead. Still want to run a campaign on your latest offers? Want to run it on Christmas day? No problem, you can save and schedule your entire campaign on WebCenter with the list of your target audience. Be rest assured, the campaign will go across to your target audience on mediums such as Email or social media while you enjoy a merry Christmas with family and friends.

Targeting the apt audience: How about going to the next level and enabling users to receive specific campaigns as per locations? Yes, it is possible with Oracle WebCenter. Imagine the communication/ message in a Christmas campaign can be different if a person logs in from south India as against for a person login in from North India. Isn’t this awesome? What’s more, you can also schedule these and relax while WebCenter does the work for you.

These are just a few things that marketers can leverage when they use Oracle WebCenter. There is a lot more that they can do. It’s time to manage your brand, communication, applications and information better. Jump on to the Oracle WebCenter bandwagon.

To know more about it and to know about use cases on its implementation of Oracle WebCenter Services, please reach us at

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