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Future of Chatbots

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Do you remember you’re most recent interaction with a customer care executive to get an issue resolved? There is a high likelihood of you having interacted with a chatbot and not a human being.

Chatbots is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users.

In simple terms, they are computer programed non-human answering machines which reply to your queries.

Chatbots : of Today

At present, chatbots are being used for executing simple tasks such as addressing customer enquiries at primary level, setting up reminders, suggesting simple recommendation etc. Presently, chatbots are incapable of solving complex queries with some degree of errors in reply.

Major IT companies are working hard for development of chatbots to the level that they perform more complex operations with zero errors.

Future chatbots : Intelligent and Smart

Future chatbots will be intelligent. Backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology they can handle NLP (Natural Language Processing) commands with greater efficiency and conviction. Being smarter and intelligent, they’ll be capable of handling complex and multi-step workflow like  

  • reading and responding emails
  • predicting data trends
  • recognizing keywords in queries and respond appropriately
  • making online sales/purchase


Advantages of intelligent chatbots

Intelligent chatbots will have many advantages over its conventional counterpart. First and foremost, they will be able to self-learning. They will improve work efficiency with faster and multiple interface on a go.

Intelligent chatbots will be handle complex queries, explaining alternate methods of solving the problem. This will reduce dependencies on customer service. From a business owners point of view, this is a potentially, saving opportunity as freeing bandwidth of the resources will enable them to contribute for better.

With ever increasing active users cumulatively across messaging apps and 30 billion messages circulating every day on platforms like Whatsapp. Chatbots has bright days ahead.

The more intelligent and smart a chatbot becomes, the better its prospect would be.

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