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Why should I migrate my Oracle EBS from on-premise to Cloud?

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Well, this is a question that many in technology, especially the ones pondering on the benefits of migrating their Oracle EBS to the Cloud, are asking themselves. The three main questions that come across are:

  1. Is the migration to Cloud a feasible and beneficial idea?
  2. Which Cloud service provider should be considered and why?
  3. Will it affect the current functioning of Oracle EBS that is already implemented and running?

We will make this a bit easy for you. We have been speaking to our Oracle EBS customers to access the likelihood of them moving to the Cloud, and the factors which could influence this purchase.

Based on our interactions, we have arrived at the following points which gives the IT head or the CXO, the much-desired comfort before taking the decision of moving to Cloud (Oracle Cloud). We have anticipated and tried to answer a few common queries/ questions in this regard.

Will there by a downtime that impacts my business operations?

Oracle Ksplice Technology ensure that a reboot is not required and updates can be done which the existing application is still on. It also ensures installation of critical user packages, thus avoiding any disruption which prove to be costly in multiple ways.

How much efficiency does it in increase?

By implementing Oracle Cloud, you do not need to purchase or lease hardware. You can also plan and provision workload as per actual needs. This consumption based approach does ensure that you would need to pay on a per-use basis, hence saving the initial capital investment.

Does it help to save cost?

By migrating to the Cloud, you not only transition to an as-a-service OPEX model but also transition to efficient energy utilization, greener and carbon efficient practices. With Oracle Cloud, you can also ensure that your investment in Oracle EBS on-premise infrastructure is optimally utilized to ensure that you incur very less cost while migrating to the Cloud

Would it adapt as my business grows?

Oracle Cloud can scale up to accommodate business growth hence the migration to Oracle Cloud will be a good move considering future business growth and expansion.

One-stop issue redressal and resolution

With your entire Oracle EBS infrastructure on the Oracle Cloud, the entire application and underlying infrastructure would be managed by Oracle. Hence, the issues and resolution of issues will be addressed by Oracle itself – thus, becoming a one-stop hub for ensuring seamless business functioning.

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