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5 reasons why Oracle WebCenter can change perception of your brand?

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Marketing and Technology have found never loved each other so much. As they are all set to become perfect partners, they have raised the bar for customer engagement, brand perception management and in disrupting the consumption of the products and services that they endorse.

Today, the confluence has led to a new buzzword called Martech. The omnipresent websites have become a subset of a robust digital presence. The proliferation of digital access points for customers – websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, point of sale terminals etc. to the up and coming augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality has enabled brands to reach out to customers like never before. In fact, they are perennially present with the customer and are constantly interacting in some form or the other to garner the strongest possible mindshare.

The digital behemoth of today warrants a strong system of content creation, dissemination and management to create consistent and immersive digital experiences. The is where Web Content Management systems comes into place.

What is Web Content Management System?

Web Content Management System enables marketers to control the creation and rendering of content across organizations and ensure consistency in communication and brand representation.

Oracle WebCenter, a part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware suite, is a leader in the Gartner Magic quadrant for content management systems. It has successfully enabled companies from all over the world to bring in seamlessness in content creation and marketing. Since, content is at the  heart of all marketing initiatives, a content management system like Oracle WebCenter gives a huge fillip to the brand.

Through its three pillars – Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Sites, Oracle WebCenter has created a superb digital experience for its customers. You can read more about it using the Oracle WebCenter tutorials or the Oracle WebCenter documentation that is just a google search away.

However, I would like to come back to how it can change the perception of your brand:

  1. Consistent Communication and Messaging: Consistent representation of the brand is the cornerstone of its success. With Oracle WebCenter Content management, multiple stakeholders across the organization can collaborate to create content that is consistent with the brand guidelines to ensure brand recall among its customers and stakeholders.
  1. Enhance the experience across channels: Using Oracle WebCenter Content, Portal and Sites, the experience across channels such as websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, and tablets or any other relevant digital interfaces is consistent and similar. This enhances the trustworthiness of the brand and hence its perception as a leader in its segment.


  1. Augmenting the relevance of the brand: Imagine the delight for the customer if the brand can position its product/service according to the profile of the customer. Oracle WebCenter allows you to do just that. It can profile the customer as per demographics, location etc. and ensure that the most relevant offering is displayed to them across all channels


  1. Winning in the “Digital Search” Battlefield: With vanity URL, templatization and consistent structure across the website, Oracle WebCenter enables brands to constantly improve content, images, alt tags, meta tags, title bar content and so on to ensure that it can rank high when phrases around its offerings are searched. This enhances the business and augments the value and perception of the brand too.
  1. Perfectly tailored Customer experience across Digital Channels: The Oracle WebCenter repository enables business users to create campaigns and schedule them to ensure execution in the most contextual fashion. This enhances the customer experience manifold and creates unprecedented levels of brand loyalty. Not of forget the word-of-mouth quotient enhancement.

While the perception and brand value are surely impacted by Oracle WebCenter in a positive fashion, the fact that the experience can also be moved on the cloud by leveraging Oracle Content and Experience Cloud can enable organizations to reduce the initial capital expenditure and enhance returns on investment. This unique as-a-service content management model sets the precedent for aspiration levels of collaboration in the organization and creates the most engaging and immersive digital experiences.

Are you ready to catapult the perception of your brand to great heights? Some of our customers have done so and ensured a stronger cohesiveness in their engagement with their customers.

Do interact with us to see how you can benefit by implementing webcenter through our Oracle WebCenter Services. We are just an email away at

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