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What’s all the buzz around Chatbots?

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It’s the buzz word. Every business wants it now. Chatbots are in serious demand. Operations teams in companies are searching for chatbot development services and chatbot development platforms to enable them to enhance business efficiency and optimize their budgets apportioned for digital transformation.

On the other hand, a host of developers are searching for chatbot development tutorials and courses. There is immense curiosity and multiple searches around the cost of building a chatbot, how expensive it is and so on.

A cursory glance at these searches leads us to one rational conclusion – Chatbots are in vogue. Every day, you keep hearing about chatbot development platforms such as botsify, chatfuel, etc., and there are serious questions posted in forums about a chatbot developer’s salary, his job description, etc. There are also many media coverages on Microsoft chatbots, Google chatbots, Oracle chatbots and open source chatbot frameworks.

The most pertinent question here is: How do you gear up for the rise of chatbots? Can you make your own bots without support from programmers who can write code?

Chatbots and Companies

Companies have realized the value that chatbots can add to their operational efficiency and their topline. They are using chatbots for everything from 24×7 customer service to generating leads, and from executing campaigns to selling products and services.

Chatbots and customers

Customers are using Whatsapp and Facebook messenger every day (or should I say every hour?). The popularity and ubiquity of messaging apps have set the stage for chatbots. While you are chatting with a business or a brand, you might actually be interacting with an app. Customers seldom realize this because these interactions are as seamless as ones done with human beings. And it is exactly this benefit that companies are leveraging to enhance their engagement with the customers and augment brand recall.

What’s the future?

With chatbots that can self-learn, companies will be able to free-up people from doing mundane and repetitive tasks. Every employee would thus be able to observe and analyze more. This would derive rich insights for the business. If these insights come from the execution level or ground level, boardroom strategies would be derivative of ground level scenarios and thus, chances of success of these strategies are very high. This augurs well for companies as they set ambitious goals for their growth.

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