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Create a marketing campaign across digital channels in just 5 minutes. Do not believe us? Read on…

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Oracle content and experience cloud

“Surreal, but nice.”, was a phrase used in a Hollywood Blockbuster when a man met someone he had always dreamt of meeting. For a marketer, this blog can also be summed up with the same phrase.

It seems like music to a marketer’s ears. It seems like a panacea for all illnesses that a marketer faces professionally. I am talking about a product, or should I say a revolution in digital customer engagement.

Before we come to the product, let us understand what the marketer’s problems are and why it must be addressed.

Picture this. Every brand must have a purpose. To attain it, it crafts a message that needs to be parked deep in the psyche of its target customers. So deep, that it brings back the strongest recall at a contextual moment, sharpens intent and induces a purchase decision.

Marketers are a zealous bunch that are buzzing with new ways of communicating ideas and provoking a reaction (intended to be positive) from their target audience. What could bother this bunch?

Well, their cycle of work goes from thoughts and ideas to creation of campaigns to execution and monitoring of results. What they love most is to execute and then gauge the reaction of the target audience. Their joy is directly proportional to the positive reverberations that their customers exude when their campaigns are experienced (which means seen, heard, felt, etc.).

What irks them most? It is the time spent from initiation of the idea to gauging the reaction of the customers. Yes, it is the time spent on execution of campaigns and the approval cycles that takes the charm out of their jobs!

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there is a product which takes this pain point away? Would a marketer embrace it whole-heartedly and instantly or will he still have a lot of questions? Either ways, the product has been curated by carefully studying the detailed roadmap between a “Campaign idea” to its “Go-to-market”.

The Traditional Campaign Cycle

Traditionally, a marketer must first internally collaborate with various facets of the campaign which includes content, design, web/ digital technology teams etc. and ensure that all of them align with the idea. Then, he must stitch it all together and get the campaign approved. Then, the campaign must be made compatible and responsive across channels. The time taken for all such activities can range from a few days to weeks. It does not work well for a marketer who is impatiently waiting to know how the audience would react and respond to a campaign.


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What changes with a modern digital-equipped Campaign Cycle?

Now, imagine the marketer being equipped with a digital platform. Nothing complicated, he just logs into it using secure credentials. He ensures that his collaborators (both internal and external) across content, design, web technologies etc. also log in.

He uses an exhaustive digital repository wherein every multimedia asset is stored and tagged intelligently so that he can search them in a jiffy. For example: He wants an image showing an old lady walking with an umbrella in her hand on a rainy day. He remembers having used such an image two years ago for a campaign. He searches “old lady” + “umbrella” and pat comes the images before he blinks an eyelid.

The content, the creative, the call-to-action buttons are all brought together using a drag-and-drop interface; also called the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. The collaborators can communicate, deliberate, disagree, and agree, and finalize the campaign over this interface and preview the campaign.

A few clicks and the campaign is repurposed for website, mobile, social media and so on. The marketer must now just integrate with his CRM/ email system and send the campaign to the target audience. However, the product ensures seamless integration with marketing automation, CRM, email marketing systems etc. whether its on-premise or in the Cloud and the marketer can roll out his campaign with just a few clicks.

Sounds interesting? Sounds surreal? Sounds nice? Is something missing yet?

Well, marketers need to be allocated technology resources dynamically. They might require compute, storage, and network in an ad-hoc and dynamic manner. It can become a nightmare for the internal IT teams to manage such requirements with their on-premise infrastructure. This product enables you to augment provision and downscale anytime as per your needs with just a click. The product ensures that marketers need not depend on IT teams for virtually every technology resource. Can you envision a relieved and thrilled marketer already? Are you one such?

If you have doubts over the existence of such a product, we assure you that it does exist. It comes to you from the Oracle stable. It is called the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud or OCE. With “Content” creation and execution accelerated to a delightful level, marketers can focus on monitoring the experience, analyzing the reactions, and improving the customer’s digital journey with each new campaign. The marketers become smarter because the product enables them to run many more campaigns than they could traditionally have done.

In a nutshell, OCE creates a smart marketer. A smart marketer is not a coincidence or a stroke of luck. A smart marketer is one who has executed a lot more campaigns than his peers to understand his target audience, their pulse, and their very fabric at a very deep level. At that level of interaction, what follows is immersive engagement, curated experiences, contextual presence, and influence that enhance the probability of a purchase.

Now, equip your marketing unit to become the best versions of themselves and create unprecedented customer engagement with OCE. Want to know more, we are just an email away at

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