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5 Popular ‘to-do’ List Apps to Simplify Your Task Management in 2022 and Beyond

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A ‘to-do’ list is just a list of things you have to-do. But if you let it pile without maintaining, it can harm productivity. Creating and managing a to-do list can help you to commit to completing tasks and increasing workplace productivity. This is where ‘to-do’ list app comes in.

Earlier it all started with notepads, and now it has evolved to advanced ‘to-do list’ applications. A fully enabled ‘to-do’ list app not only offers quality assistance for task management but also improves productivity. There are several applications available in the market to help you with creating and managing ‘to-do’ lists. The question is which one should you use? Here’s a list of 5 useful ‘to-do’ list apps to help you manage your work better.

  1. Todoist

You can create, organize, and prioritize tasks, create sub-tasks and dependencies as well as create projects and sub-projects. You can also label tasks, customize through color codes, and add due dates to keep track of the tasks. A prominent feature that comes with Todoist is the AI-powered feature known as Smart Schedule. Through Smart Schedule, the app suggests optimum dates for scheduling and rescheduling existing tasks.

  1. TickTick

TickTick is a fast-growing to-do list app that offers a wide array of features on just about every platform you can imagine. There’s also a universal keyboard shortcut offered on the desktop versions and pinned notifications and widgets on mobile, which makes it quick to add a task before getting back to what you’re doing. Tasks can be organized using lists, tags, and due dates, and there’s even the ability to add sub-tasks to any task.

  1. nTask

nTask is one of the best task management tools created for individuals and teams. nTask helps you to save time with powerful search and filter options. You can search for tasks, projects, meetings, and do a lot more. In addition, there are pre-saved filters to save time and effort on the end-users part. This app also helps you to stay updated and empowers you and your team with reminders and alerts.

  1. is one of the easiest applications to create and manage your to-dos. An interesting feature of the application is the voice-entry one. lets you create a to-do list of tasks by speaking into your smartphone and then creates your tasks for you, just like a virtual personal assistant. The simple UI/UX design of the application makes it extremely easy to understand and aids the user in quickly grasping the functionality.

  1. TeuxDeux

The last in your list of the best to-do list apps is TeuxDeux (pronounced as ‘to do’). This app allows you to have a visual idea of what’s to be done. The tasks can be written down anywhere and can be later dragged and dropped into other lists. If there is a task you can’t get done on a specific day, TeuxDeux automatically rolls it over to the next day’s list.  For those of you that are particular about text formats and presentation styles, this is a great tool to make lists and share them with others. App supports sharing the app between up to 6 family members.


Time is a precious resource. Managing it wisely should be one of your top priorities. The apps mentioned above are a great way to effectively identify your priorities and balance your work schedule. From managing your grocery list to collaborating with co-workers, there are so many ways to use these to-do list apps.  All these apps have their own pros and cons. You can judge the usability and effectiveness of these apps in different ways according to your own feasibility and work requirements.

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